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Peggy and Dave’s Home Sweet Home

I am so excited to take you on a virtual tour of Peggy and Dave’s AMAZING outdoor spaces!!  These two folks are unbelievably talented and creative.  They think up a neat project and the next thing you know….it is DONE!  (Being friends with Peggy could be dangerous to the self-esteem…as in “Ok, now I feel like a slug- Peggy has finished 34 projects and I have managed to MAYBE buy the supplies for one. LOL)

Here is the front of their home.  Isn’t it inviting???

It is definitely past the prime gardening season in Indiana but there are still lots of things blooming in the flowerbeds!

This pink and yellow lantana is one of my favorite flowers!

Orange and yellow lantana

They have a wonderful deck attached to the back of their home.  As you step onto the deck, this amazing stained glass piece adds privacy.  Peggy made the stained glass windows and Dave added the frame and iron scrollwork. Talk about a great team!

I covet this, by the way.    =)

The photo below is looking from the covered patio/garage back toward the deck.  You can see the coveted stained glass piece in the background.

The stained glass window hanging from the garage is ANOTHER of Peggy’s original designs!

While lounging on the deck, you can watch all of the fish in the amazing pond.  I am pretty sure some of the koi are the size of large cats!  The water plants and plantings all around the pond are wonderful.  There is always something in bloom!

Feeding time in the fish pond!

Amazing to still have lillies blooming in mid-September!

The deck has a fountain and plenty of wonderful plants.  Peggy designed and made these beautiful mosaic pots.

They added a little ‘river bed’ that flows from under this huge rock and winds around the side of the deck.   (I LOVE this rock because it was a birthday present to ME from my son, Scott! One of my best surprises ever!!   Peggy and Dave ‘adopted’ it when I moved to San Diego.  And transporting it was quite an adventure.)

There are even little goldfish that swim in it.  So fun!!

Looking out from the deck, you see the swimming pool that was added this summer.

Dave added a covered patio to his garage–and now it is the perfect place to sit by the pool. ( On the wall is the shell towel rack that I showed you in a previous post.)

Next to the patio is a flower bed that contains this unique piece.  It started out as an antique bed that belonged to Peggy’s grandmother.  She had it made into a bench and then added the stained glass mosaic.  I think it is amazing!

Metal bed made into a garden bench

Peggy also ‘planted’ a few of these fun flowers made from various plates and bowls that she picked up from local thrift shops.  They add great color and a fun touch of whimsy.

And finally, another of my very favorite things is their swing and pergola. Peggy dreamed this up and they both worked hard to get it completed.  I absolutely love everything about it!!  The stained glass windows, again, are original designs by Peggy.  I could sit there all summer!!!

Peggy and Dave’s home is a feast for the eyes and it is good for the soul.  It is peaceful and beautiful….and I know they work really hard to make it so wonderful.

Now, what is that verse about ‘Thou shalt not covet’…?


Designing a Photo Wall

Designing a Photo Wall

A large grouping of photos or art can be difficult to arrange but here are a few tips to make the task a bit easier.


First of all, gather all of the photos and frames that you might want to use and lay them out on the floor.  Play around with different arrangements until you find something that you like.  Use a tape measure so that your design will correspond with the size of the wall space.


When you have a design that you like TAKE A PHOTO of it with your digital camera so that you can refer back to it as you are working on the wall.

Arrange your photos on the floor.

Next, take some heavy craft paper and trace outlines of all of your frames or accent pieces.    (I didn’t have heavy paper…and I am impatient…so I used wrapping paper instead.  I recommend using the heavier paper because it is much easier to work with on the wall.)

Tape templates onto your wall.

A thrifty way to unify the look of your frames is to paint them all the same color.  I used a satin black spray paint.

Painting frames the same color can unify the design.

Awesome tip:  Pound tacks into the back of the frames to elevate them while they are being painted.  No more sticking to your drop cloth or having puddles of paint stuck to the edges.

Elevate the frames with tacks to make painting quick and easy.


ANOTHER awesome tip:  To locate the exact location of your frame hanging hardware, use your printer and photocopy the back of the frame.

If the frame is larger than the scanning surface of the printer, only copy the portion of the frame where the hanger is located.  Then tape the image to your original template to show where the hardware is located.

Copy the back of your frame using your printer.
Frame too large? Just copy the end with the hanger and tape it to the larger outline of the frame.


Position your templates on the wall using painters tape or masking tape.  I used a level to make sure everything was lining up correctly.

Position templates exactly where you want them.


You can put the nails or screws right through the template.

Nail right through the template!


Then tear off the paper template and hang your frame!


JUST right!



This template method makes designing a photo wall really easy.  You can even do it by yourself!  No need to bribe a friend to help hold frames on the wall while you spend hours debating if it’s ‘right’.  Your friends will thank you.  Trust me on this one.

I am not calling this wall finished just yet.  I am thinking of adding a very narrow bench.  And maybe even bring some of the wood element to the top of the wall with a wooden sign of some sort.  We’ll see!

Now it just needs a little bench…and maybe a plant? =)

Since I’m not busy changing the world today….

                                         I know it isn’t important in the scheme of life


                                                     I switched my area rugs today.

                                                            (Insert smiley face here.)

The lighting on these photos leaves a lot to be desired.  But hopefully you get the idea.

So…which one do YOU like better, brown paisley (left) or cream with color bursts (right)?

Half Bath Painting

Like the rest of the condo, the half bath between our living room and kitchen/dining area started out white.  White fixtures, white walls and ceiling, white vinyl.  A blank slate for sure!  I found a cute rug and matching towels at Target that served as my inspiration.

I love the stripes and all of the colors.

After several trips to the paint center (and bringing  home enough sample cards to paper a room with) I decided on Behr Kittery Point Green.  I am famous for painting and repainting until I get ‘just the right’ color…but I don’t have the budget for that !  ( …or the energy now that I am *ahem* older)

Behr Kittery Point Gre

 The color gives me sporadic thoughts of pistachio desserts, but overall I like the choice for the space…..for now, at least.  =)

I have always loved the blue painted wall shelf.  I added some fun beachy accessories and also some extra touches of blue.

Hadley Pottery Sailboat Mug

I found those sand dollars on the beach!

The downside of having a pedestal sink is that there is no built-in storage in the room.  The room is a good size so I was able to fit in a metal baker’s rack from Walmart.  It was black went I bought it but some white spray paint made it just right.  =)

These baskets from TJMaxx are a great fit!

I found the fish at the Hadley Factory in Louisville.

I framed this fun poster and put it on the long wall behind the door.

The room is coming along.  The biggest challenge is the mirror.  It is a cheap builder-grade mirror that is SECURELY glued to the drywall.  I am debating how to update it without having to pull it off and damage the wall.  I have seen some fun ideas with shells, rope, or tile but I need more inspiration!


If you have an idea, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Now that the half bath is painted, there are NO MORE WHITE WALLS on the second floor of the condo.

Progress.  =)

Shell Towel Rack

Shell Towel Rack!

My friend Peggy thought of this great way to add a beachy touch to her pool area.  Isn’t it awesome??

She found a piece of old barnwood and asked her Very Handy Hubby to attach four large shells to it.

Simple and SO FUN!!!

I can’t wait to take some photos of Peggy and Dave’s amazing yard/gardens/pool!!!  It is one of my very favorite places!