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Since I’m not busy changing the world today….

                                         I know it isn’t important in the scheme of life


                                                     I switched my area rugs today.

                                                            (Insert smiley face here.)

The lighting on these photos leaves a lot to be desired.  But hopefully you get the idea.

So…which one do YOU like better, brown paisley (left) or cream with color bursts (right)?


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  1. I like the left (cream with color bursts) =)

  2. Cream with color bursts…I think it works with your wall the best! Love your blog!

  3. I love both of them, but the cream with color bursts (on the right) remind me a little bit of your home away from home…..something you would have used to decorate in Terre Haute.

  4. I vote for the one on the right, cream w/color bursts.

  5. I like the Paisley.

  6. Whew—I’m glad Corinne said Paisley, ’cause I don’t like to be all alone. 🙂

  7. I like the blue & brown paisley…I think the color bursts shapes
    in the rug are competing with the mirrors on the wall.

  8. I like the paisley too.

  9. What’s a paisley?

  10. THANKS for all of your comments!!!! But now I am REALLY confused. =)


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