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Fun Baby Gift– Cupcake Onesies!

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I found this great idea for a baby gift on Pinterest and wanted to share it with you!

(Here is the link to the original idea from–so creative!)

Onesies and socks are rolled together to make a cute box of ‘cupcakes’!!!

I started by buying a fun display box for cupcakes and some large cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby.   I found some adorable onesies and socks and was ready to go to work.  (Solid color socks work best but they were difficult to find.  Also, the onesies that I used are 3 month size. Anything larger would probably be difficult to fit into the cupcake liners.)

Fold the onesie into thirds and place a rolled sock at one end.  Roll up the onesie with the sock sticking up a bit from the center, as shown below.

Place the rolled onesie into the cupcake liner and place in the box.

Continue making ‘cupcakes’ until you have filled the box.  (I even rolled several socks together to make one of the cupcakes, since I didn’t have six onesies.)


Sometimes the wrapping makes the gift, don’t ya think????