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Since I’m not busy changing the world today….

                                         I know it isn’t important in the scheme of life


                                                     I switched my area rugs today.

                                                            (Insert smiley face here.)

The lighting on these photos leaves a lot to be desired.  But hopefully you get the idea.

So…which one do YOU like better, brown paisley (left) or cream with color bursts (right)?


With Rounded Corners, Where Can I Stop??? Living Room Paint Project

After painting a few smaller spaces, I decided it was time to tackle the LIVING ROOM.

When the husband leaves on a business trip the condo goes from organized space to


Living Room Chaos!

I found a soft, neutral yellow color that I love for our condo.

Behr Sand Pearl
from Home Depot

Behr Sand Pearl
Paint and Primer in one!

I am using it in the living room, dining and kitchen areas, and stairwells. There is A LOT of it, so I am glad that I really like it!!!  =)  It is hard to see the difference in photos but it has really softened up the feel of the space.

Remember before?

Living Room Before

Awkward space for TV


Here are a few “After”…or should I say “In Transition”?

Living Room After

It’s still a gaping hole…but at least it’s not WHITE!

I found this woven chair at the resale shop. I also love the compass rose (from Pier One) on the wall behind it.

I am still wrestling with what to do about the sofa, love seat and gargantuan recliner.  =)  The sofa and love seat are extremely faded but still VERY comfortable – kinda like the ratty jeans that look hideous but are your favorite.   If money were no object, they would be outta here.  Unfortunately the decorating budget is about ZILCH.  So they stay.  I have debated recovering them or maybe trying out some RIT dye.  Both options scare me at this point.  So we have our well-worn furniture.

(Hubby, stop reading now.)

The recliner is huge and velour…and also blue.  We are talking blue furniture overload here!  The sad thing for me, ladies, is that my husband actually USES this chair!  I call it the Napping Chair.

So, what’s a newly wed wife gonna do?  She is gonna keep it…at least until she has the funds to find him another chair that he will love just as much.

(Ok, it’s safe to look.)

I ended up putting mirrors on the wall over the sofa because there was so much glare on any artwork or photos that would hang there.  The mirrors help to brighten up the space.

Believe me, rooms with rounded corners are no fun to paint because there is literally no place to stop!!!  I was on a painting ‘roll’ and went down the stairs from the living room and completed the first floor hallway.  I would have kept going UP the second stairway to the third floor but was forced to reckon with the 20+ ft. tall stairwell.

Double Decker
Stairwell of Doom

More on that monster later.

When I am in the middle of a paint project, I often wonder “What-in-the-heck was I thinking???”  However, once the project is finished, I realize that I actually ENJOY working with a limited budget.  I think the limited money factor adds to the CREATIVITY that is involved in making a space your own.  (Although if someone gave me free rein at Pottery Barn, I certainly wouldn’t turn them down. LOL!) It may not be the latest decorator style but it says ‘Home’ to me.