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Going Bold

The next victims of my “No More White Walls” Project were the kitchen and dining area.

Here are a few photos of the kitchen from before:

Great space!  But a lot of boring white walls and builder grade cabinets.

So, I decided to embrace the beachy color palette and go with a bold blue in the kitchen.  This color choice was inspired by my Hadley Pottery that I used as ‘art’ in the space.

LOVE the beachy styles from Hadley Pottery!

Here is the kitchen with its new nautical feel!

A touch of ‘Lost Atlantis’

The dining area was a dilemma because as much as I LOVE the blue color, I was worried that painting the whole room blue would really close it in.  Instead I used the blue as an accent wall in that room.  Overall I am happy with the look but I want to carry some of the blue around the room with accessories and art… which I will now be able to do because I just got THIS in the mail today!!!

My birthday present is here!!

I am so excited!!  (Be jealous!!!  LOL)  I am also a little scared because the directions look complicated.  And I don’t know where to PUT the beast!  It is bigger than I expected.  But I can’t wait to try it out!!  I want to make some Subway Art for different areas of the condo.  Safe to say that it should keep me off the streets for awhile.  =)

Ok, calming down now…back to the dining area…

Here are the lovely white walls.  And a photo of special people brave enough to eat the first Thanksgiving dinner that I ever had to cook on my own.

Justin, Clark, Ryan, and Janel in the very white dining room

And here we have the space with some COLOR!

Yikes! No blue shows up this this photo!

I found this great piece at a shop called The Estate Sale- an awesome second-hand store in San Diego.

 Here are the paint colors that I used in the kitchen and dining room update.

Both are Behr Premium Interior Satin (Paint and Primer in one)

Behr Lost Atlantis

Behr Sand Pearl


I really love having fresh flowers on the table but since they keep dying on me (and I am too cheap to keep buying them every week) I decided to put together this easy centerpiece idea that I saw on Pinterest.  A large glass bowl, a candle in a holder, sand and shells…Throw them together and you have a great beachy touch for the table that doesn’t have to be replaced weekly.

Easy Beachy Centerpiece

I am really happy with the new color in the kitchen…Now if I would just learn to love to cook!

I linked my post to this awesome site!  There are SO many fun ideas over there…Check it out!