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Designing a Photo Wall

Designing a Photo Wall

A large grouping of photos or art can be difficult to arrange but here are a few tips to make the task a bit easier.


First of all, gather all of the photos and frames that you might want to use and lay them out on the floor.  Play around with different arrangements until you find something that you like.  Use a tape measure so that your design will correspond with the size of the wall space.


When you have a design that you like TAKE A PHOTO of it with your digital camera so that you can refer back to it as you are working on the wall.

Arrange your photos on the floor.

Next, take some heavy craft paper and trace outlines of all of your frames or accent pieces.    (I didn’t have heavy paper…and I am impatient…so I used wrapping paper instead.  I recommend using the heavier paper because it is much easier to work with on the wall.)

Tape templates onto your wall.

A thrifty way to unify the look of your frames is to paint them all the same color.  I used a satin black spray paint.

Painting frames the same color can unify the design.

Awesome tip:  Pound tacks into the back of the frames to elevate them while they are being painted.  No more sticking to your drop cloth or having puddles of paint stuck to the edges.

Elevate the frames with tacks to make painting quick and easy.


ANOTHER awesome tip:  To locate the exact location of your frame hanging hardware, use your printer and photocopy the back of the frame.

If the frame is larger than the scanning surface of the printer, only copy the portion of the frame where the hanger is located.  Then tape the image to your original template to show where the hardware is located.

Copy the back of your frame using your printer.
Frame too large? Just copy the end with the hanger and tape it to the larger outline of the frame.


Position your templates on the wall using painters tape or masking tape.  I used a level to make sure everything was lining up correctly.

Position templates exactly where you want them.


You can put the nails or screws right through the template.

Nail right through the template!


Then tear off the paper template and hang your frame!


JUST right!



This template method makes designing a photo wall really easy.  You can even do it by yourself!  No need to bribe a friend to help hold frames on the wall while you spend hours debating if it’s ‘right’.  Your friends will thank you.  Trust me on this one.

I am not calling this wall finished just yet.  I am thinking of adding a very narrow bench.  And maybe even bring some of the wood element to the top of the wall with a wooden sign of some sort.  We’ll see!

Now it just needs a little bench…and maybe a plant? =)