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Peggy and Dave’s Home Sweet Home

I am so excited to take you on a virtual tour of Peggy and Dave’s AMAZING outdoor spaces!!  These two folks are unbelievably talented and creative.  They think up a neat project and the next thing you know….it is DONE!  (Being friends with Peggy could be dangerous to the self-esteem…as in “Ok, now I feel like a slug- Peggy has finished 34 projects and I have managed to MAYBE buy the supplies for one. LOL)

Here is the front of their home.  Isn’t it inviting???

It is definitely past the prime gardening season in Indiana but there are still lots of things blooming in the flowerbeds!

This pink and yellow lantana is one of my favorite flowers!

Orange and yellow lantana

They have a wonderful deck attached to the back of their home.  As you step onto the deck, this amazing stained glass piece adds privacy.  Peggy made the stained glass windows and Dave added the frame and iron scrollwork. Talk about a great team!

I covet this, by the way.    =)

The photo below is looking from the covered patio/garage back toward the deck.  You can see the coveted stained glass piece in the background.

The stained glass window hanging from the garage is ANOTHER of Peggy’s original designs!

While lounging on the deck, you can watch all of the fish in the amazing pond.  I am pretty sure some of the koi are the size of large cats!  The water plants and plantings all around the pond are wonderful.  There is always something in bloom!

Feeding time in the fish pond!

Amazing to still have lillies blooming in mid-September!

The deck has a fountain and plenty of wonderful plants.  Peggy designed and made these beautiful mosaic pots.

They added a little ‘river bed’ that flows from under this huge rock and winds around the side of the deck.   (I LOVE this rock because it was a birthday present to ME from my son, Scott! One of my best surprises ever!!   Peggy and Dave ‘adopted’ it when I moved to San Diego.  And transporting it was quite an adventure.)

There are even little goldfish that swim in it.  So fun!!

Looking out from the deck, you see the swimming pool that was added this summer.

Dave added a covered patio to his garage–and now it is the perfect place to sit by the pool. ( On the wall is the shell towel rack that I showed you in a previous post.)

Next to the patio is a flower bed that contains this unique piece.  It started out as an antique bed that belonged to Peggy’s grandmother.  She had it made into a bench and then added the stained glass mosaic.  I think it is amazing!

Metal bed made into a garden bench

Peggy also ‘planted’ a few of these fun flowers made from various plates and bowls that she picked up from local thrift shops.  They add great color and a fun touch of whimsy.

And finally, another of my very favorite things is their swing and pergola. Peggy dreamed this up and they both worked hard to get it completed.  I absolutely love everything about it!!  The stained glass windows, again, are original designs by Peggy.  I could sit there all summer!!!

Peggy and Dave’s home is a feast for the eyes and it is good for the soul.  It is peaceful and beautiful….and I know they work really hard to make it so wonderful.

Now, what is that verse about ‘Thou shalt not covet’…?


Organization: The Key to Happiness?

My friend Julie reminded me that when I was filling out the About Me page I forgot to mention my addiction to organizational paraphenalia.  And she’s right!  When we were young(er) and our homes were full of little boys that could make messes faster than we could clean up, I would frequently state that I was SURE that organization was the key to happiness.  Not in a ‘What is the meaning of life?’ kind of way, but in a ‘How can I possibly lose my vaccuum in this small house?’ kind of way.  Now that the boys are grown, I don’t say it in such a desperate way but I still stand by the idea that having an organized space can be good for the soul.

I am a defeated perfectionist.  If I can’t get things done perfectly, I tend to not get anything done.  Bad, I know.  This trait leads to times of chaos in my house!  I have all kinds of plastic bins and containers but all of my stuff sits arranged in PILES all over the floor.  UGH!

So, it is wonderful to have super-organized people in my life!  My sister and my friend Peggy come to mind.  =)

Here is a bit of magic that Peggy performed in my Indiana home.  She was cracking the whip, getting me organized, and it was AWESOME!!

I used the room for laundry and crafts.  In the corner you can see my stained glass organized into shoe caddies.  These worked perfectly for smaller pieces of glass.  On the bottom, shelving (meant for shoes) were turned on end and used to separate larger sheets of glass.  The old metal table was perfect for cutting fabric or folding laundry.

The white cabinets are perfect for hiding LOTS of craft supplies and the long countertop gives plenty of space for both cutting and putting together stained glass projects.

The cheerful yellow walls and Mary Engelbreit theme made the room a very happy place!